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UK CPC group established circa 1989 by Hangman. STS, for Secretsoft Technical Services, was a general CPC coding and cracking group rather than specifically a demo-group. Several of the most well-known members of the early 1990s UK Amstrad scene took part in STS. STS's slogan was "STS - it's a load of old w-nk", complete with accompanying theme tune which could occasionally be heard in issues of BTL.

STS continues in the form of Hangman's Leatherhead computer shop, STS Computers.

STS members

Among STS's members have been the following:

STS's 'spin-off' group of less ethical members was occasionally known as the Lords of Justice.

STS Software

Several commercial programs were released under the STS Software banner. These included Soft-Lok, a Speedlock transfer utility.

STS also released PD programs such as Lockcopy-85 and Lockcopy-88, and a small number of demos and intros.