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[[Image:SamFoxSlide.gif|thumb|Samantha Fox Slideshow CPC+]]
[[Image:SamFoxSlide.gif|thumb|Samantha Fox Slideshow CPC+]]
Slideshow Coded by [[Demoniak]] in April 2006.
'''Samantha Fox Slideshow''' is a [[Plus]] slideshow coded by [[Demoniak]] in April 2006.
Works only on CPC +
== Download ==
[http://ldeplanque.free.fr/DSK/SamFoxPlus.dsk Link to download it]
[http://ldeplanque.free.fr/DSK/SamFoxPlus.dsk ldeplanque.free.fr]
[[Category:Demos]][[Category:Plus Demos]][[Category:Demos 2006]]

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Samantha Fox Slideshow CPC+

Samantha Fox Slideshow is a Plus slideshow coded by Demoniak in April 2006.