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* [[Copytape]]
* [[Copytape]]
* [[Discology]] (english version)
* [[Discology]] (english version)
* [[Discovery]]
* [[Discovery Plus]]
* [[Discovery Plus]]
* [[Handyman]]
* [[Handyman]]

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Siren Software was a long-established and successful vendor of CPC hardware and software.

Founded by Simon Cobb, who had previously worked for Ocean Software, the company sold Simon's own programs, those of others, and some where the rights were purchased from other companies.


  • Hackit (known as 'Le Hacker' in France)
  • A ROM-board
  • 3.5in disc drives
  • Disc interface unit (like the DDI-1)
  • Sound Blaster (Stereo Amplifier/Speakers)


The company continues to trade as Siren Technology, specialising in video editing for PCs.