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Sountrakker 128k

Soundtrakker (Musizier mit mir) from New Age Software was programmed by BSC and was one of the most used music tools on the CPC.

There where three version released:

  • Soundtrakker 1.0
  • Soundtrakker 1.1
  • Soundtrakker 128K

For Weeske there was also a specialized Version of Soundtrakker 1.0 with an extra Intro with the Weeske-Logo and a modified manual.

Soundtrakker 1.x and Soundtrakker 128K are different in more aspects than just the amount of memory that is available. ST-128K is a improvement of ST-1.x, introducing for example additional effects. That's why a new extension (.128 instead of .sng) was introduced for the files that were created using ST-128K. The 1.x Soundtrakkers are unable to read the .128 tunes, while ST-128K is still able to read the .sng files.

Under some circumstances ST-128K is not compatible with ST-1.x tunes. When using very short patterns in an ST-1.x song, the song can be messed up in ST-128K.