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Dk'tronics Memory Expansion Gallery

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/* 256k RAM Silicon Disc for CPC 464/664 - modified (without separate ROM cartridge) */
I've purchased this modified 256k RAM Silicon Disc from eBay (naryanworld) after successfully winning the Amstrad CPC 464 / 664 / 6128 Silicon Disc drive (RAM DISK / BANKED RAM) RARE! auction at 26 Sep, 2020 21:35:56 BST for £93 with £11.00 P&P and this works perfectly with my upgraded [[Dk'tronics_memory_expansion|DK'tronics 64K RAM pack Memory Expansion]] >> [[Upgrading_a_Dk%27tronics_RAM_Expansion#The_Conversion|256K]] and I've turned the switch down to RAM DISK position in order to have the full total of 576K (Free / Total buffer: 552K available memory to use) when using [[ParaDOS]] (accessed by the |DRIVE command without any parameters) for easy quick checking on my [[User:Jonathanen#Amstrad_CPC_664_-_Sat_27th_May_2000_.2820.29|Amstrad CPC 664]] after receiving on Wednesday 30th Sept 2020 afternoon.
== 256k RAM Silicon Disc for CPC 464/664 - unmodified (RAM and ROM in separate cartridges) ==