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Desktop Environment System

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* DES Tape Archiver (Michael Beckett)
* [[DesText]] ([[Wild Thang|Richard Wildey]]) - a front-end for [[Arnor]]'s ''[[Protext]]'' word processor
* Directory Printer ([[Wild Thang|Richard Wildey]])
== Reviews ==
* [[Clur Hodgson]] reviewed ''DES'' in the March 1994 issue of ''[[Amstrad_Action,_Issue_102,_1994|Amstrad Action]]'' (issue 102), giving it an overall rating of 84%.
Richard Fairhurst reviewed ''DES'' in issue 1 of ''{||-| [[Better than Lifeimage:DES review p36.jpg|none|thumb|300px|DES review on Amstrad Action 102]]'', giving it an overall rating of 75%| [[image:DES review p37.jpg|none|thumb|300px|DES review on Amstrad Action 102]] |}
== Links ==* Richard Fairhurst reviewed ''DES'' in issue 1 of ''[[Better than Life]]'', giving it an overall rating of 75%.
== Manuals == * [http[Media://wwwDES User|DES User Manual]] (pdf)* [[Media:DES Programer Manual.pdf |DES Programmer''Desktop Environment System'' s Guide]] (pdf) (scanned version)* [[Media:Desprog.pdf|DES Programmer's Guide]] (PDF filepdf)(OCRed version from Kevin Thacker) == Screen shots == <gallery caption="Screen shots showing DES and some of the extenstions in action">Image:des gui 1.pngImage:des gui 2.pngImage:des gui 3.pngImage:des gui 4.pngImage:des gui 5.pngImage:des gui 6.pngImage:des gui 7.pngImage:des gui 8.pngImage:des gui 9.pngImage:des gui 10.png</gallery> == Download == [[|DES Desktop Environment ROMs]] [[media:DES_ROMs.rar|DES ROMs on a HFE image for easy transfer]] [[media:DES_apps.rar|DES apps]], including the Protext ROM, in both DSK (provided by Terje) and HFE format. [[Category:Disc Operating System]] [[category:Expansion ROM]] [[Category:Manual]][[Category:CPC GUI]]