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--TFM 18:38, 1 March 2010 (UTC)== Background informations ==

If there are some questions about hardware, let's discuss it here, NOT in the text. If you f.e. don't know the company Lindy and their products for the CPC then this does not mean that Lindy was not existing, it just means you should update your personal informations. Please research first, then ask. It makes no sense to proove the existence of some pieces of hardware every three months again. If you don't know it, then ask here. --TFM 20:59, 26 February 2010 (UTC)

Okay, then I'll try asking here. Btw. before messing with the futureos page, I tried to contact you elsewhere - but that didn't work - the link to your webpage was broken, the email address was broken, and the "futureos hardware" thread last week in the forum didn't get too much replies either, it only sounded as if nobody knows what hardware you are referring to. So that's why I added the unclear portions. Anyways, can you check the questions in forum?,562.0.html - nocash
I know the problems with the web page, well the provider is CMO ,-) What else to say. I'm a customer there just due to some sentimental reasons, not because of the excellent service and pricing *coffing*. And yes my email is broken too. However a PM here will always work. For any kind of discussions I would suggest also the FutureOS yahoo group, because a lot of people can answer there too. Further the Wiki is not complete, which means I own CPC hardware and I support it with FutureOS, but you won't find it in the Wiki now. Another point, please don't expect me to be in the forum that often, as a researcher I'm glad to have some time for the CPC at all. So please be patient if something isn't answered quick or at all. There is no bad intention, no lack of interrest, but my day only has 36 hours ;-).