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Is this an official piece of software or a group-internal application? Where can it be downloaded?

if it is a "internal" part of a game-dev-system its surely not worth to mention in the wiki. so maybe you can provide a download link for those who are interested in.

Also the article is too much like a manual, wich is not the meaning of a wiki. so maybe you can do a manual for download and add this as an pdf to the wiki-article.

Regards, Kangaroo

Yes, this article should be splitted into two articles. IMHO publishing manuals in the CPC-Wiki for any software is always welcome, but it should be separated from the main article. The main article should be there to inform about the software, not to teach about how to use it. Otherwise it's harder to read an article, if it's mixed with manual stuff. Prodatron 16:03, 4 January 2009 (UTC)

Thank you for asking. The link has been introduced. TFM.

Thanks. Now its complete! Kangaroo