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@Gryzor: Just to reverte everything I corrected is not an good idea. But ok, if you tolerate wrong information and advertesment like phrases, then fine. But in this case you should allow other pages to appear on the same level of being lurid.

Please check again what I changed, you even reverted spelling errors!!!

Unfortunately due to the fact that there were several, several little edits it was much easier to just revert to original version, which is not what I'd usually do. As for the other stuff, there's no 'advertisement' phrases there, nor lurid content. Gryzor (talk)

Of course there is proove for that (taht the better parts have been stolen from ROManager). He didn't only steal code, even some the "Empty" text. And thats just brozenfaced. So why is no source released? That's obvious! Isn't it?