Target Renegade

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  • Target: Renegade (DSK for Emulators) - Taken from Amstrad CPC Software AT FTP.NVG.UNIT.NO



Target Renegade Gameplay on Amstrad CPC 6128 - Part 1 of 2


Target Renegade Gameplay on Amstrad CPC 6128 - Part 2 of 2


My Comments

This is my another favourite game, in matter of a fact, I love this game so much!! Especially Stage 2: The Sleazy Street at Night - the one with a man / the lady's "boss" (possibly a pimp) who enters the screen at the far left and attempting to fire a gun at the player. This character emerges to fight at close quarters after shooting a few times as his limited supply of bullets has run out. In my funny kind of a way, I used his fired "bullets" as a target practise to kill all the prostitutes one by one by getting one of them in front of me without letting her to hit me, moving left and right until the "boss" comes out and shoot - BANG! One prostitute got shot dead, next, please! Move onto the next target - do the same with another prostitute using the same procedure - BANG! Grabbing a spiked club and use it to my advantage for my easy win to complete stage 2!!

All I can say is use any weapon wherever possible - you'll score 1,000 points easily which that'll help you to get extra live when you score 50,000 points!! You'll score 10,000 points for each stage cleared. Mr. Big is very easy to beat by using the Snooker cue twice each time he approaches to you without giving him a chance to hit / bear hug you. After you've successfully defeated Mr. Big, you'll score extra 30,000 points (10,000 x 3). My High Score is between 404,200 - 500,000 points without using any cheats at all.