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The Story

Professor Eyestrain disappeared twenty years ago when the scientific world pooh-poohed his idea of a giant asteroid colliding with the Earth. Now the asteroid has appeared again and only Eyestrain has the solution to destroy it.

Eyestrain was last seen in a high mountainous plain - fiercely hostile to human survival. Prehistoric birds, acid rain, poisonous snakes and horrible mutations, presumably created by Eyestrain himself!

Choose one of five intrepid explorers and set out with your party of bearers around the land-scape in the search for Eyestrain. Eyestrain will ask for various items from your bearers in order to create an Asteroid deflector. You can collect previously abandoned items from other expeditions by walking over them. Once held by a bearer you can use the article when-ever you need to.

Each character has a key item which he will need to complete the mission. Your character will obey all your instructions, even stupid ones, although this may lead to some head shaking!

When stuck, the character may have a bright idea about which item to use or then again he may not.

Loading Instructions

Spectrum 48k: Load "" and press PLAY on tape. Stop the tape after the Explorer Selection Screen and restart once you have selected your explorer.

Spectrum 128k: Load "" and press PLAY on tape.

C64: Press Shift/Run Stop and press PLAY on tape.

Amstrad: Press CTRL and little ENTER and press PLAY on tape.

MSX: B LOAD “CAS:”, R and press PLAY on tape.

MSX 2: Disconnect drive from system, set width of screen to 37 characters and type B LOAD ‘CAS:”, R and press PLAY on tape.



Spectrum C64/128 Amstrad MSX
Left Z Z Z Z
Right X X X X
Up O P O O
Down K L K K
Bearers Left 1 1 1 1
Bearers Right 2 2 2 2
Swap Object S S S S
Think T T T T
Music On - F1 - -
Music Off - F3 - -
Abort Caps/Q Shift/Run Stop Ctrl/Escape Ctrl/Stop

My Comments - jonathanen

Its my very favourite game, plus its very easy to complete it. Basically, all you have to is collect / use all the items as shown in "Various Items" section, and after that, you'll have to find Professor Eyestrain, which he will ask you six various items in order to create an Asteroid deflector (pinball mechanism) as follows: 

  1. Secret Formula (Yellow)
  2. Coat Hanger
  3. Battery
  4. Atomic Pile (Blue)
  5. Red Button (Red)
  6. Cup of Tea (Red)

After you have given the six items that the Professor Eyestrain asked for, you'll see a rock bounced from the lever, and your score will be 2350 and that will be recorded as High Score.

Here's how I got the High Score of 2350 using Character: Fortisque Smithe

  1. Vacuum Cleaner - 50 (to fly up and down)
  2. Acme Expanding Bridge - 100 (when you're approaching to the edge on either side of the platform)
  3. Party Manifesto - 150
  4. Unicycle - 200
  5. Umbrella - 250 (when you coming down from high distance)
  6. Silver Lining - 300
  7. Medium Gumpowder - 350 (when you're about to fire out of the Cannon)
  8. Flute - 400 (when you walking past the poisonous snakes)
  9. Flashgun - 450
  10. Small Gunpower - 500
  11. Bellows - 550 (when you on the Balloon to fly up or down)
  12. Spurs - 600
  13. Use Flute to make the rope appear
  14. Cricket Ball - 650 (to knock down the trumps to get the Secret Formula)
  15. Anti-radiation Pills - 700
  16. Large Gumpowder - 750
  17. Use medium Gumpowder to fire out of the cannon
  18. Use cricket ball to get Secret Formula
  19. Beer barrel - 800
  20. Energy Crystal - 850
  21. Battery - 900
  22. Switch - 950
  23. coat hanger - 1000
  24. Drop Energy crystal on the plate - 1075
  25. Use Anti-radiation Pills to get Atomic pile - 1125
  26. Use Switch to turn on the mechanism
  27. Red button (big) - 1175
  28. Cup of tea - 1225
  29. Silver Lining working on the anvil to convert it into Silver Cross - 1300
  30. Use Silver Cross to get rid of Vampire (man in Black) - 1450
  31. Use Secret Formula for the bridge
  32. Secret Formula - 1600 (Professor Eyestrain)
  33. Coat Hanger - 1750 (Professor Eyestrain)
  34. Battery - 1800 (Professor Eyestrain)
  35. Atomic Pile - 2050 (Professor Eyestrain)
  36. Red button - 2200 (Professor Eyestrain)
  37. Cup of tea - 2350 (Professor Eyestrain)

Congratulations!! Helping Professor Eyestrain to save the earth providing him with the items to make a pinball mechanism!