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|Controls = {{Keyboard}} {{Joystick}}
|Controls = {{Keyboard}} {{Joystick}}
|Media = {{Disk}} {{Tape}}
|Media = {{Disk}} {{Tape}}
|Language = {{EN}}
|Language = {{EN}} {{FR}} {{DE}} {{ES}}
|Info = Unknown
|Info = Unknown

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The Sacred Armour of Antiriad
Titlescreen of the game
Developer Unknown
Company Palace Software
Publisher Silverbird
Musician Unknown
Release 1986
Platform(s) CPC
Genre Platform
Game Modes Unknown
Controls Keyboard Joystick
Media disk Cassette
Language Language:english Language:french Language:german Language:spanish
Information Unknown

Also known as "The Sacred Armour of Antiriad" (Fr : L'Armure Sacrée d'Antiriad).