The working Amstrad - A library of practical subroutines and programs

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A library of practical subroutines and programs

Book Overview:

This book is a collection of solid applications and programs.

The areas it covered by the programs include home finance and Tax, information storage and retrieval, graphic and music.

All programs in the book are clearly explained and written in easily identifiable modules so that methods can be copied into your own programs.

Book review:

Overall, then, an excellent book which I particularly recommend to beginners... if you only buy one book on programming make it this one.

Amstrad User, April 1985


Title: The Working Amstrad
Authors: David Lawrence - Simon Lane
Publisher: Sunshine
Year: 1984
Pages: 216
ISBN: ISBN 0-946408-60-2



Program notes.


1. Experiments with time.
2. Painting by numbers.
3. Son et Lumiere.
4. Seriouser and seriouser.
5. Money matters.