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Trip2Future was organized by Vassago of Necron and took place in Winnweiler, Germany.

The party was quite special, as at this time, many CPC scene people already switched to more modern 16 and 32 bit computer systems like to the Archimedes (Mr.Ams, Leather Rebel, Odiesoft, Face Hugger) or the PC (Prodatron) to continue their scene activities there.


  • Odiesoft presented a lot of (cheat) parts of his upcoming megademo
  • Creation of the "CPC scene wanted poster", which was a section of the PC scene disc mag Autark by N-Factor (Prodatron) and Leather Rebel with the help of Mr.Ams ([1])
  • Leather Rebel made a stupid business and sold his Risc PC to Odiesoft
  • Brainblaster was angry about Prodatron because of too loud PC Digitrakker music
  • Leather Rebel and BSC destroyed many computer equipments while playing around with a giant balloon
  • Incognito V has shown some very interesting movies
  • Mr.Ams is said to have farted repeatedly
  • Odiesoft burped a couple of times. Sometimes even beer was involved
  • Almost everybody breathed - almost all of the time


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