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'Three-headed demon Morgul has been influencing people's dreams to create nightmares, but more recently these nightmares have become real.'

Turrican was a sideways scrolling shoot-em-up/platform game originally released by Rainbow Arts on Commodore 64 and ported to the CPC in 1990. The game was very popular due to it's brightly coloured graphics with large sprites coupled with fast paced action and smooth scrolling.

The non-linear nature of the levels appealed to gamers who were invited to explore each world, searching for secret areas and bonuses, a concept which was quite novel at the time and has since become a staple in the platform game genre.

The sequel, Turrican 2, was released in 1991 and added larger worlds, more power-ups, and several levels where the gamer would pilot a spacecraft in an R-Type style format. Turrican 2 met with huge critical acclaim and was widely regarded at the time as the best CPC game in the action genre.


Title: Turrican
Company: Rainbow Arts
Type: Platform
Year: 1990


  • level 1/5: {{#ev:youtube|U4bKxcV5hsg|450}}
  • level 2/5: {{#ev:youtube|HVH3kW4QFWE|450}}
  • level 3/5: {{#ev:youtube|mU5qYD2SHwo|450}}
  • level 4/5: {{#ev:youtube|YTvpSUmH0vg|450}}
  • level 5/5: {{#ev:youtube|zGnurAU23_k|450}}

Game map