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Ubi Soft is a french Software Company, still very active in the Video Game industry.

Distributed or developped games in France.

As a French Company, it had to produce a lot of amstrad CPC games as it was the best selling 8 bit home computer in this home market. Their very first Game was Zombi, originally an amstrad CPC game.

Were responsible for some Amstrad Ports of non Amstrad Games (Defender of the Crown).

Also, an editor with a lot of adventure or even some of the few RPG games on Amstrad CPC.

Use of Mode1

Most Ubi Soft games on Amstrad CPC were adventure or RPG games, and a lot of them used the Mode1 (320x200x4 colours)..

Compaired to the dreaded Speccy Port, "their" mode 1 was indeed Atari ST port and is often the finest example of a good use of Mode1.

Adventure or RPG

Action and Reflexion games