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Demo by the German coder Face Hugger released in 1992.

The Ultimate Megademo was widely regarded as the most ambitious and successful CPC demo since Logon System's The Demo, though the two took very different approaches - The Demo concentrated on polish and overall appearance while the Ultimate Megademo won acclaim for the pioneering code techniques used.

It made heavy use of real-time vector calculations, particularly with animations of moving balls; other ingenious features included sample playback and 50Hz motion picture animation. Most of these had never been attempted before on the CPC.

The vector balls were emulated more or less successfully by many demos in the years to come. Unlike The Demo, there were few scrolltexts in the Ultimate Megademo.


  • CPC Amstrad International issue 12-01/1992-1993 (German CPC magazine)
    • Graphics: 99%
    • Ideas: 90%
    • Coding: 97%
    • Sound: 96%
    • Overall: 98%