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Hello, good day, I ams! I am the new! My name is Oldi. I think you all have got a bird. I can not so good speak like a man out close-country, but I try it. I hope you understand me empty. I have a house animal. She is a cow, plays tuba and runs free around. So she is a tuba-kuh-lose. In my luggage room of my car have I a refrigerator. I believe at jesus. So break I the bread always and distribute it under my arms. I think, "better arm on than arm off". I have good! Why I have good? Because why I good have. But when you from devil speak, comes he. Last I saw a flying under cup, when my wife me for the door put. What for a big pig-he-egg! But I think not at aliens. Because what the farmer not knows likes he not.