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<gallery caption="WACCI">
<gallery caption="WACCI">
Image:Wacci 001.jpg|Issue 001
Image:Wacci 001.jpg|Issue 001 (Oct. 1985)
Image:Wacci 002.jpg|Issue 002
Image:Wacci 002.jpg|Issue 002
Image:Wacci 003.jpg|Issue 003
Image:Wacci 003.jpg|Issue 003

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The CPC's longest-running fanzine and user group, WACCI was based in Britain and catered mostly for serious users.

Its acronym has never been satisfactorily explained.

According to Jeff Walker, who was the original founder.

He had always thought that name would be good for a magazine and used it without any intention of it being an acronym at all.

(The official WACCI explanation is that it stood for World Amstrad Computer Club International)

As well as a (more or less) regular magazine, WACCI also provided a PD library (of mostly CP/M software) and a 'homebrew' library.

Some of the CPC's best writers, such as Auntie John, were contributors to early WACCIs.

However, the decline in serious use of the CPC inevitably led to a petering out of publication.

The last issue was summer 2003, issue 140.

Though WACCI was solely a paper fanzine, a spin-off disczine, EuroWACCI, existed for six issues.

WACCI editors