Yarkon Blues

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Cover of the Cronosoft re-release of Yarkon Blues

Yarkon Blues is a text adventure that was written by Jason Davis using the Graphic Adventure Creator. It was originally written in 1988, but Amstrad Action's Balrog advised Jason that more playtesting was required before it should be considered for release. It was eventually released by WoW Software in 1990, and was re-released by Cronosoft in February 2005.

The game sees you playing Rik McQuick, who has crashed his spaceship Odour-Eater II on the planet of Yarkon. You must help him to repair his spaceship and escape from the planet.

The cover of the Cronosoft re-release is based on the PC game X2 - The Threat by Enlight Software.


The Balrog reviewed the WoW Software release of Yarkon Blues in the July 1991 issue of Amstrad Action (issue 70), giving the game an overall rating of 69%.

Keith Campbell reviewed the Cronosoft re-release in issue 12 of Retro Gamer, giving it an overall rating of 75%.