Yarkon Blues II: Space Station Zebra

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Cover of the Cronosoft re-release of Yarkon Blues II: Space Station Zebra

Yarkon Blues II: Space Station Zebra is a two-part text adventure that was written by Jason Davis using the Graphic Adventure Creator. It was originally released by WoW Software in 1992, and was re-released by Cronosoft in May 2006.

The game follows on from Yarkon Blues, which was released in 1990. Having escaped from the planet of Yarkon, Rik McQuick has found a spaceship which is taking him to Space Station Zebra. However, he quickly realises that the space station will soon explode, so you must help him to escape.

The cover of the Cronosoft re-release is based on the PC game X2 - The Threat by Enlight Software.