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Text copied from the official Z88dk website.

What is Z88dk?

z88dk is a Z80 C cross compiler supplied with an assembler/linker and a set of libraries implementing the C standard library for a number of different Z80 based machines. The name z88dk originates from the time when the project was founded and targetted only the Cambridge z88 portable.

The compiler featured in z88dk is much enhanced Small C compiler, the compiler accepts many features of ANSI C and is only deficient in a few areas where implementation on a Z80 processor might prove inefficient. The compiler performs simple optimizations, but the bulk of the optimization is done by a set of peep-hole rules, which will typically reduce the size of a large project by up to a third.

The libraries supplied with z88dk are designed to be as generic as possible, indeed it is possible to port to a new machine simply by supplying two library routines and some startup code. It is hoped that one day z88dk will support as many z80 based machines as there is information available and sufficient interest in.

Supported Targets

z88dk produces code and programs that will run on the following machines:

  • Cambridge Computers z88
  • Sinclair ZX Spectrum
  • Sinclair ZX81
  • CP/M based machines
  • Amstrad NC100
  • VZ200/300
  • Sharp MZ series
  • TI calculators (TI82, TI83, TI83+, TI85, TI86)
  • ABC80, Jupiter Ace
  • Xircom REX 6000
  • Sam Coupe
  • MSX1
  • Spectravideo
  • Mattel Aquarius
  • Peters Sprinter
  • C128 (in Z80 mode)

Supported Platforms

z88dk is known to run on the following platforms:

  • Amiga
  • BeOS
  • HP-UX 9
  • Linux
  • MacOS X
  • Solaris
  • Win32
  • Win16

Binary releases are available for Amiga, Solaris and Win32. Win16/MSDOS needs to be rolled by the user. On BSD machines, GNU make should be used instead of the native make program.

Libraries for the CPC

Released Software

CPC programs which are using Z88dk: