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Er.... and what exactly is it that made you think I didn't understand what you said? Are you even capable of a sensible discussion?
Ok, let me make this clear for you:

--- Quote ---Und auch Admins sind Menschen ... keine Götter
--- End quote ---
I took a little German long ago. I do not need a translating machine to understand this. And I'm saying (but you're too thick to understand it, perhaps) that *you* are the one talking about people playing Gods, you, of all people, who have said, no more no less that the rest of us are too ignorant to understand your genius and righteousness?
Gee, man, perhaps you should learn english - or any language while at it, since it will help you with Logic...

It means we are all no gods, even Admins are no gods. So this means also Admins are allowed to make mistakes (ok, they don't do, but they are allowed to do). So what I inteded to say is, we are all human beings - and human beings make errors.
Take me for example, I did a lot of things wrong, but not what you think. My doing wrong was especially a lack in being able to express properly what I want to say with the right words. Now, I hope I can learn it one day - because I'm _NOT_ a god.

Yes, and my point was, nobody said the Admins are ever gods. And that it was a weird comment, coming from you.


Schön - dann sollten wir im Deutschen Forum wieder Deutsch reden.
English translation:
Ok, so let's talk here German again, and all English discussions can be continued in the various threads with the same topic... see you there, bye here.

Er... yes, but actually no. As far as conversations pertain to my interest and duties you'll find me in the Suahili forum, even.


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