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Title: Ich suche ... a german translator for Genesis8 Amstrad Page
Post by: genesis8 on 03:04, 27 April 10
Guten Tag,

dont ask me to write in german please, it's way too rusty after 22 years without using it. Nach dem Abitur habe ich nicht mehr deutsch gesprochen.

That's why I am looking for someone who will be willing to translate news from english/french to german for my homepage http://genesis8.free.fr/

If you can translate all 2010 news, it would be great, but you can start from april 2010 if you prefer. I can send you the original news in any format phpmyadmin can manage (mysql for example).

For the start, updates will be done by email, but give me a few days/weeks and you will do it directly on the web site (not posted directly, I will have to add the missing translation and validate it).

One day I will try to remove the rust from my german, but at the moment I am trying to learn spanish.

And of course, I am more than interested if this person can add news from Germany with a french or english translation (and I will do the missing one).
Title: Re: Ich suche ... a german translator for Genesis8 Amstrad Page
Post by: nurgle on 14:29, 02 May 10
Still no answers? I guess most germans reading here are very happy with the english version (not granted on a french page). I am not sure if a german translation would appeal to a lot of people since most seem to understand english well enough to read a news ticker.  :)

Of course a german version would be cool, but probably not as important as the english version.