[PLEASE READ] GX4000 with original power brick and C4CPC

Started by gerald, 23:04, 16 May 15

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Before i purchase a new PSU, this is the one that landed with my GX4000, is this suitable to use with the C4CPC or should i just buy the one that Gerald listed



Quote from: gerald on 10:54, 13 April 20
Farnell one with UK plug :

Thanks for posting. Always good when a more respected poster confirms. I bought it last night, it arrived and the untested GX4000 I bought, works. Only one controller but after a quick blast on Burnin Rubber (after I cleaned the pad) I really enjoyed it, so I'm delighted.
The colours are richer than I expected.
I know little to nothing, so please go easy on my idiocy.


Thought I would say that I ordered the recommended PSU from RS Online as well as the C4CPC card from Gerald and all works perfectly.

I need to get a case for the C4CPC (have contacted a local company for a quote), as gaming was a test with a bare PCB but you guys are gems and so much more helpful than other forums I am part of. Especially as one of your keeps popping up elsewhere to be helpful! ;)

I hope my link helps others who are thinking of getting a GX4000 but either way, I'm sure if it goes down, someone on here will pop up with a new link. Also, if you're new here, or thinking of getting a C4CPC card, Gerald is very helpful and friendly, so get in there and pick up the card. Hard work for great products, deserves your support!
I know little to nothing, so please go easy on my idiocy.


Quote from: doesitmatter on 22:39, 26 March 21Especially as one of your keeps popping up elsewhere to be helpful!

We have actually forbidden him from doing that as we want him for us alone, but he won't listen.


I Know I am WAY late to the race... Any chance of finding a C4CPC anywhere these days?? :((((


also interested in a C4CPC cartridge, just managed to get an Amstrad CPC6128+ after many years of wanting one. Is there gonna be another batch of those made? if so, count me in.


The ongoing component supply crisis makes it extremely difficult to get certain critical parts, or to get them at sensible prices. That essentially makes it difficult or impossible to do new runs at present. gerald's also rather burned out, too. There's very little chance of either of those being resolved in the next 12 months, unfortunately.

Eventually there should be new devices, either from gerald or someone else, but you'll need to be patient.


Is there a waiting list that someone has, as I would also like a C4CPC flashcart?



Im in same teuton1117 situation.
Please instructions how to buy a C4CPC flashcart



hi Guys,

There is currently not C4CPC available for sale for more or less good reasons   ;D
1st : I still did not put my hand on available component.
2nd : I currently do not have time to search for them, and if i had them I would not have time to make and ship them.

As a side note I've just seen that the PLD is 3 time the price than before the component penury, with availability in one year from now at best.


thank you for keeping us informed.  Do you have a GX-4000 for sale or know where I mat get one?

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