3" drives way too cheap with CPCs?

Started by OCT, 11:46, 06 November 11

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http://www.ebay.com/itm/Floppy-Drive-YD-625-1525-Y-E-DATA-/280539059253 looks like one to me, at a whopping €198 used!

New sad get-rich-quick scheme: dismantling CPCs and selling them for parts?


Well they only get rich quick if someone is stupid enough to buy it for that price, which I doubt anyone will do. Besides, it looks like they are offering the limited edition "Must be made of fuckin' Lead or something" Version :D Because they claim it's 4Kg :D



It does seem there is a "gang" of people who always try to sell old drives for insane high prices. Like i see old Teac 3,5" drives .. the good old ones with manual pins .. for £200-250 quite often. And 5,25" usually also has one or 2 people trying to sell for £200+ on ebay .. even tho there are other 5,25" drives at just £5-ish. Of cause these drives are usefull for retro people .. so perhaps they do it on purpose or they could just be "fishing".


They may even have a point when it comes to buyers spending "OPM" on replacements for industrial machinery or recording studios, and even get their bosses' praise as every day of downtime is costing more money than this.

Then again, this is the other target market where real money awaits Jeff&Lotharek as they implement the ideas (from forums like this) of a slot-in HxC with front bezels for 5.25, 3.5 and 3 inch drive bays.


After posting that link to the insanely overpriced CPC 6128 on ebay the other day, I sent him a message just to let him know that it wouldn't sell at that price and what they normally sell for. Mostly because I thought ebay insertion fees are quite a lot on auctions with starting prices over 99p.

Anyway, he informed me that it was fairly easy to get free insertion fees (but didn't tell me how) and that even though things often don't sell sometimes people pay 4 or 5 times what other people say they're worth.

I guess if you're in no hurry to shift stuff, there'll always be someone who wants something immediately and who's prepared to pay over the odds to get it...

In terms of breaking down CPCs for parts, I've certainly seen a bit of that recently. Annoyingly, I bid on a 6128 motherboard for what seemed a more than fair price and was outbid - someone actually paid more for that than I've paid for entire complete working 6128s. I guess that their loss in the end though...


Ebay have special offer days occasionally, where you can submit things without an insertion fee. That's probably what he means.


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