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Bryce's MegaRom in 2023

Started by vk5hbl, 07:40, 19 August 23

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Greetings All

Long time lurker first time contributor

So I know there are far more modern storage options in 2023 but i do like the Megarom

Cheap to make and suits my needs for a few favourite games to keep on one and instantly load

I couldnt find a modern version of the pcb, so I created this and sent off to jlcpcb a couple of weeks ago

Built up today and can happily report works as expected.

Gerbers attached if anyone wants to make one themselves

Designed to fit mx4 style expansion pcb




Extremely cool that you (or anyone in fact) still finds a use for this, but I do have to ask why you didn't build the MegaFlash instead?



Gday Bryce

I have made up one of them also

But i wanted to have a go at converting your schematic into a pcb and i thought this was a good project to try


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