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Bruce Lee - Amstrad CPC (99 Falls Easter Egg)
19 July 2010, 8:28 pm

As seen here there is a nice Easter Egg (or bug?) that provide you with 99 lives (falls). Getting the 99 falls requires you to collect all the lanterns and bonus lives untill you reach 40.000 points (where you get a life) but without dying even once. Usually happens just in time before you get to the pesky laserfield map, but its possible to get it sooner as you can attack the enemies to get more points (but a bit risky as loosing just one life and you fail to get he easter egg). Is it a bug or a easter egg? Well, personally i think its a easter egg, as it happens just at the "right time". If this was a bug, i would think it more likely that the lives count would "error" from "09" to "19" or from "09" to "0A". As the counter does indeed count down properly from 99 i think it was done on purpose. Cant prove anything of cause :D
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