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464 Mainboard not really dead!

Started by 00WReX, 14:01, 02 November 12

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Just had a bit of a win with a 464 main board that I purchased off ebay for .99c

It was advertised as tested and not working and the sellers profile indicated that he enjoyed fixing old 8 bit I figured it would be dead when it arrived. But hoped I may be able to get some bits off it if required.

Sure enough when it turned up yesterday I tested it out and it gave no sign of life at all.
Power was getting to the various chips, so I pulled out the socketed chips (z80 CPU & 4007 Gate Array) and tested them in a working 464.
The machine continued to work with those chips, so they were good.

I gave the board a wipe over and started to give the board a good look over when I found a very, very small hairline scratch on the board that appeared to break a track.

I buzzed it out with the multi-meter and sure enough the track was broken. I traced the track and it went from Pin 14 on the Gate Array to pin 39 on the CRTC (HSYNC).

I linked the break in the track and tested the board again and it fired up perfectly.

Another 464 board lives on...

The CPC in Australia...
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