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there was one recently for sale on ebay from Ireland, only one bid went on it (I was tempted) nice peice of kit you've got there

I 'consoled' myself by getting a couple of GX4000's, may decide to mod one of them one day


--- Quote from: BiNMaN on 19:22, 08 June 12 ---there was one recently for sale on ebay from Ireland, only one bid went on it (I was tempted) nice peice of kit you've got there
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The one from Ireland is the one Bryce is working on. ;-)
I was the only bidder. Some day in the future when Bryce is done with this, it'll be my new main CPC.  :)

  You lucky b@st@rd.


--- Quote from: Gryzor on 21:56, 08 June 12 ---  You lucky b@st@rd.

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OOoo! Sounds like a great project, strangely enough your plans aren't a million miles away from my next GX4000/Plus Project! I even have the slimline FDD sitting waiting in the spare room, I also have a couple of dead laptops with slimline drives so if you need one I might have one for you but I'm unsure about model/make as I haven't removed them yet.

 I also had a delivery today from the bay of E. A (sold as) faulty 464 first generation I was going to gut to use for my next project for the princely sum of £10.50 including delivery. I was quite amazed though how great the condition of this machine is, if you ignore the crack on the cassette drive and the sticker on the left of the case. It's near mint and I can replace the cassette door as I have a spare. The keys are like new, bright with no yellowing! Could all just do with a bit of a clean. It also works perfectly! And it appears to have a very low serial on it--- 2502. Here is a photo, which to be honest doesn't do it justice at all...

 [ Invalid Attachment ]

I have to ask as I am also planning a 512k memory expansion, are you designing your own upgrade or are you using a extant schematic? I was intending to use the Inicron 512k Upgrade (as listed in the wiki) in my mod but if you have a better idea I would be interested to hear about/steal it  ;)  I am also planning a built in MegaFlash and an HxC docking port for an external cased HxC  but I'm not sure about how I intend to deal with the cassette unit as I'm quite keen on having a sawn off 464 case but I'm undecided right now. I'm going to have a crack at building the MegaFlash unit myself (just to say I did) if it all goes horribly wrong I may have to buy another from you!

I will be watching this thread very closely! Good luck!  ;D


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