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Hi All,
      this morning this arrived in the post :) The plan is to mod it to it's limits. To start with it will be brought up to 6128+ level with the additional 64K and the floppy controller / separator. After that I have obtained a slimline 3.5in Laptop floppy which I will try to squeeze inside the case somewhere (without removing the tapedeck).
Then I will try to install a MegaFlash, additional 512K RAM, S-Video output, a USB Port for AMX Mouse, a reset switch, an ABBA switch all internally and depending on the space that's left (if any), I may look at adding a few other bits and pieces later.

I'll be documenting the lot and posting it all here. Stay tuned...


All information regarding the 464+ to 6128+ conversion can now be found on this wiki page:

A shame such things don't magically arrive with *my* post.

Stickying this, should be very interesting.

Could you make an auto eject for the tape player top so you can use it to launch things at people?

A friend of mine had such a stereo deck; tape was inserted vertical to the deck (which means, horizontal, like a car's tape player). This+a very strong spring+feather touch buttons=fatalities.

it's in perfect mint condition... truly sad those had so many missing components... and tapes.

128K and CD-Rom could have been perfect (also add the FDC inside...)  :P


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