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Just stumbled upon:  (Connecting AtariST to PSOne LCD [in French - I don't speak/read French but I'm sure Google Translate would help out])
I just found one of these LCD screens buried in my pile of 'might-be-useful-at-some-point-in-time' hardware.
I was wondering if anyone had hooked up one of these small LCD screens to a T-REX C1?  (The T-REX has VGA and S-Video output)
Alternatively, I was wondering if I could use an MP-1 (that I have also found in the  pile of hardware)
any thoughts appreciated.  8)


...but there's no pic of the LCD itself...

I bet it's doable with the T-rex, I really see no reason why it wouldn't!


Thought I'd try it with a CPC 6128 first... after much head-scratching & a lot of dead-end googling, eventually got there in the end!  It's currently setup to use RGB, although I need to get some higher capacitors tomorrow to sharpen the focus up a bit, but I'm happy that I'm 1 step closer to my "Portable 6128"  ;D

(can't figure out how to insert images, so will provide links to them instead)
6128 and PSOne LCD screen
>cat plus wires
Rick Dangerous II loading screen


I'm still not sure what it is you're doing - what screen is this?

Ueber-cool tho...


Okay, I'll explain a little.

I have a CPC 6128 and CTM 644 monitor (as standard).  I plug it all in together and I can use the Amstrad as it was designed.  Programming & gaming to my hearts desire.

....but.... if I want to do the same thing in a different part of the house or even out in the garden, I have to carry the rather heavy CTM 644 around, along with finding something stable enough for it to stand on, I also have to trail an extension power cord along behind me.  I have 2 dogs & they are curious about such things and like to chew cables (not good).

So, this led to me wonder if.....

I could somehow make the CPC 6128 'Portable'.  I glanced across to a bookcase that contains the 'luggable' PPC640 and I wondered if the same concept could be achieved with a CPC 6128.

Having a tidy up (and clear out) I re-discovered a Playstation 1 and a Playstation 1 LCD screen that attaches onto the back of it, allowing for playing the PS1 without the need to plug it into a TV.

I then glanced again at the CPC 6128.....  and well, you now see the start of the idea of a 'Portable 6128'.  There's enough room inside the case to fit a rechargeable PSU (possibly from a digital camera or similar) and I'm sure I can design some interesting method of having the LCD monitor attached to the back of the CPC 6128.

The end result: I'll be able to pickup my 6128, wander about wherever I want, switch it on and have a play of 'Manic Miner' (running from 3" Floppy Disc).  May also fit a VDrive2 to it to have every game on a USB stick rather than a floppy drive.. but that'll be version 2.   8)

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