View full version: Amstrad CPC hardware
  2. Amstrad CPC 464 missing I key
  3. VIDITEST4 - Demo program.
  4. A few minutes of VIDI footage
  5. A few seconds of VIDI footage
  6. Tecnobytes V9990 New Batch
  7. USIfAC II:Convert a PC or USB stick to Amstrad HDD,access dsk's,and many more!
  8. SYMBiFACE 3 and AMSDAP4.2 are available
  9. CPC Plus cartridge replacement : one more
  10. Play2CPC (Plus2CPC II) : Extra sound channels and rewritable cartridges
  11. SOYUZ: 16 bit parallel GPIO board for Amstrad
  12. Amstrad CPC WiFi
  13. Recommended interface for CPC Midi IN?
  14. Amstrad GX4000 / Plus cartridge PCB
  15. Extended clone of the great Vortex F1-D/M1-D Floppy Disc Controller!
  16. Rombo Redux ROMboard now Plus compatible
  17. Looking for the Rombo VIDI digitizer
  18. LambdaSpeak FS
  19. MOVED: Looking for Symbiface II or XMass card
  20. Amstrad CPC 6128 - RS-232 Communications by NFM
  21. Nova - NVRAM + RTC for Amstrad CPC - Latest news from PulkoTronics
  22. Plus2CPC. Plus cartridge slot for the CPC
  23. MultiPlay MX4 Expansion
  24. ROMBO Redux Deluxe - New ROMboard
  25. Front-end for M4 board in ROM
  26. DES Mini Cartridges
  27. Why Amstrad chose the 3" drives
  28. Don't you think it's time to stop creating hardware interfaces ?
  29. CF2 mass disc testing results
  30. Adding 32gb RAM to the CPC
  31. Retro Radionics Arcader Joystick - Not CPC Compatible?
  32. GX4000 Ram upgrade
  33. How do i make RS232 Card for CPC and PCWW
  34. How to interface to AY-3-8912 Port with other logic
  35. Accessing 2TB (TWO TERAbytes) with an Amstrad CPC
  36. Amstrad CPC 3" floppy to the PC
  37. [Recommandation (again)] Power Supply for unmod MotherX-4, M4, X-Mem, X-Mass
  38. What's "wrong" with CRTC 2?
  39. CPC 464 prototype with Gate Array simulator board found
  40. CPC464 - Do ROM's work in slots over 7?
  41. Amstrad CPC464 Plus - missing key :(
  42. LambdaSpeak Speech Synthesizer, Sample Player, RTC, MP3, Serial Interface, MIDI
  43. Desperately seeking a replacement CPC 6128 PCB
  44. USB Keyboard on Amstrad CPC
  45. Amstrad Diagnostics ROM
  46. Replacement Z80A CPU
  47. Rom slot 7 on CPC664 with C4CPC & M4 board
  48. Amstrad relative 3D printing thread
  49. How do I buy c4cpc ?
  50. Creating a replacemant gate array
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