View full version: Amstrad CPC hardware
  1. Play2CPC (Plus2CPC II) : Extra sound channels and rewritable cartridges
  2. Accessing 2TB (TWO TERAbytes) with an Amstrad CPC
  3. SYMBiFACE 3 and AMSDAP4.2 are available
  4. USIfAC II:Convert a PC or USB stick to Amstrad HDD,access dsk's,and many more!
  5. [Recommandation (again)] Power Supply for unmod MotherX-4, M4, X-Mem, X-Mass
  6. Extended clone of the great Vortex F1-D/M1-D Floppy Disc Controller!
  7. LambdaSpeak Speech Synthesizer, Sample Player, RTC, MP3, Serial Interface, MIDI
  8. Desperately seeking a replacement CPC 6128 PCB
  9. USB Keyboard on Amstrad CPC
  10. Amstrad Diagnostics ROM
  11. Retro Radionics Arcader Joystick - Not CPC Compatible?
  12. Replacement Z80A CPU
  13. Tecnobytes V9990 New Batch
  14. Rom slot 7 on CPC664 with C4CPC & M4 board
  15. LambdaSpeak FS
  16. Amstrad CPC WiFi
  17. Amstrad relative 3D printing thread
  18. How do I buy c4cpc ?
  19. Creating a replacemant gate array
  20. Amstrad CPC Key replacements and tape eject lever
  21. Plus2CPC. Plus cartridge slot for the CPC
  22. Looking for a flyback for CTM 640
  23. CPC Plus cartridge replacement : one more
  24. CPC 464 prototype with Gate Array simulator board found
  25. Why Amstrad chose the 3" drives
  26. CPC Plus Wrong Keys
  27. CPC Dandanator Mini 1.3 - WIP
  28. MultiPlay MX4 Expansion
  29. 464 video corruption.. CRTC ?
  30. FlashGordon - new batch
  31. USIfAC - DISK2DSK , how ?
  32. Raspberry Pi on CPC - Free v9990 or Symbiface 2
  33. How do RAM expansions prevent writes to internal RAM on the 446/664?
  34. RC2014 bus card for Sam Coupe - possible on CPC also?
  35. Discussion about a AY-LPT on Vogons (aka OPL2LPT...)
  36. roms on real cpc
  37. rom board
  39. 6128 Plus video output distribution amplifier (splitting)
  40. Keycaps
  41. Multiple CRTC Screens possible or not? and practical or not?
  42. Has anyone tried a CPU replacement for CPC?
  43. Printer proxy
  44. CPC Bus Extension
  45. Composite out on GT65 monitor?
  46. V9990
  47. WILLY - Soundcard adapter (MIDI and OPL3)
  48. Amiga HDMI with a Raspberry Pi! (RGBtoHDMI) and CPC??
  49. CPC-CPLINK - a coprocessor interface card for all CPCs
  50. Vortex Memory Expansion
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