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  1. Plus2CPC. Plus cartridge slot for the CPC
  2. CPC Plus cartridge replacement : one more
  3. New version of Amstrad external floppy / Gotek enclosure
  4. GX4000 console reset button
  5. USIfAC II:Convert a PC or USB stick to Amstrad HDD,access dsk's,and many more!
  6. LambdaSpeak Speech Synthesizer, Sample Player, RTC, MP3, Serial Interface, MIDI
  7. LambdaSpeak FS
  8. Z-MEM and D-ROM
  9. booting with M4 or other expansions with RTC
  10. CPC 464 Keyboard Problem
  11. Can the GX4000 + C4CPC combo be upgraded to 128Kb and PS2 keyboard?
  12. Amstrad CPC WiFi
  13. Would something like the SIDEKICK64 be possible for CPC too ??
  14. MIDI and CPC
  15. Joystick splitter
  16. Amstrad relative 3D printing thread
  17. Creating a replacemant gate array
  18. So i got a does it work?
  19. Front-end for M4 board in ROM
  20. Wanted: Amstrad CPC 464 - Rubber Keyboard Switch Set
  21. Idler Arm
  22. Nova - NVRAM + RTC for Amstrad CPC - Latest news from PulkoTronics
  23. Using the Amstrad CTM644 Monitor
  24. R123 resistor in Z80330 mobo (cost down 6128)
  25. WILLY - Soundcard adapter (MIDI and OPL3)
  26. Mother X4 / Game Edge Adapter
  27. Video: Forcing 2nd RAM Bank on the Amstrad CPC 6128
  28. Is there any hardware to make the CPC run faster?
  29. SYMBiFACE III in development
  30. 12V to keyboard
  31. Using SymbOS with the GFX9000 (MSX grapics card)
  32. building the aleste 520ex (cpc/msx russian clone)
  33. Use an Amiga Modulator on your CPC
  34. OpenFlops Floppy Disc emulator
  35. PS/2 standard mouse on a CPC
  36. Power/Tape Connector CPC 464
  37. What causes the tape data to be heard on the speaker on the CPC 464?
  38. DES
  39. Amstrad Diagnostics ROM
  40. DIY Cartridge project idea
  41. MX4
  42. ROM Board with SRAM.
  43. MP3onUSIfAC
  44. Recommendations for use of CF card/SD card on 6128
  45. ABBA switch, the other way
  46. Replacement Z80A CPU
  47. do regular joysticks work with CPC 464 plus models ?
  48. adaptor cable to connect 464 plus to LCD
  49. Schneider CPC 464 - brown keys and rusty metal plate
  50. Keyboard Injection extension
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