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Accessing 2TB (TWO TERAbytes) with an Amstrad CPC

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I wasn't up to date regarding USB memory stick prices and capacities, but then I just recognized, that they become crazy powerful and cheap.
Today I received a new USB stick for my CPC: The price wasn't much more than 30€, very small, and the capacity is - YES - crazy 2TB.

When I coded the SymbOS filesystem and SymCommander around 2004/2005, I probably never thought, that I would ever get such a display  :o But it works without problems.
An 8bit machine from 1984 is able to access a mass storage device, which can store a stack of full printed papers, which has the height of 45.000km, which is around 1/9 to the moon.
Or which is the amount of memory of more than 16 million CPC6128, which would form a line of 8400km, which is about 2/3 of the diameter of planet earth.
Yes, just nice playing with numbers, but it's still cool IMHO :)

Nice and amazing to see such huge numbers on a CPC, but the stick is 99% fake ...

Only 2TB USB stick I know of is really huge and cost around 1300US$ ... All those Sticks with TB are mostly 32GB Sticks with a fake data sheet on it ....

PS : Ok, the price is outdated but even REAL and TESTED one Terabyte USB Sticks start at 150€ (and that are the cheap ones)

It's both cool AND amazing @Prodatron  :o 8) :P :-* ;)

I wonder what content of value (for the Amstrad) you could put on that storage but yes, the simple fact it's working, is impressive.

Yeah, I can find a 1TB one locally at 160 euros, but the essence remains, impressive to think about nonetheless!

Oops, the stick disappeared on Amazon, so you are probably right!
I remember that 1TB sticks were around 1000€ some years ago.

But to see that number on the CPC was cool anyway :)

I am currently filling it with movies, let's see what happens.

Maybe in another 5 years we will get such sticks for that price without beeing a fake :)


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