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Adaptor Cable for Internal HxC

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Hi all,
     time to answer another FAQ. I often get asked about the adaptor needed to connect a 3.5in floppy or HxC internally in a 6128. Although this information is available in other places as a table, description or photo, none of them gave the full picture, so here it is. This cable assumes that the drive has been set to DS0 / ID0 and provides a ready signal. For the HxC not a problem, just a simple jumper setting, for floppies this may involve making some mods to the drive.

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I've shown the cable from several views to highlight the fact that the connectors don't face the same way on the cable.

First crimp the 26way connector as shown in the diagram. Then split the first 6 wires starting from the side of the red wire. These 6 wires need to be shifted 2 cavities further over before being crimped into the 36way connector. Wire 26 goes directly to pin 34 of the floppy connector. Make sure the keyways / orientation slots of both connectors are as shown in the diagram. The cable needs no bridges, switches or anything else. When you are finished, you should have a cable looking something like this:

(62.98 kB, 954x707 - viewed 1784 times)

I'll add this info to the Wiki later when I get time.


Awesome work, Bryce! ;)

CanĀ“t wait to get my hands on the cable!

I've added this info to the wiki here: DIY:Floppy Drives - CPCWiki


Edit: Just updated the diagram too, because the resolution came out shit for some unknown reason.

Awesomeness. And thanks for the last post, just as I was going to ask you if I can transcribe it to its proper place :)

Great and perfectly simple(=genious) solution! Thanks' for sharing  :) :) :)


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