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Albireo DOS ROM beta version available for testing

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Hi there!

There is a new version of the Albireo DOS ROM. It is still a beta version with lots of known problems, but we think it now runs good enough that you can start trying to use it (that is, things like RUN"file" work).

You can download it now.

Many thanks to OffseT for his work on the DOS ROM! The sourcecode is available too if you want to help fixing the problems.


* Native access to SD card and USB storage (use |SD / |USB to switch between the two)
* Handles drives up to 32GB and maybe more
* Support for directories (change directories using the OPENIN BASIC command)
* Can be insalled as any ROM number (before or after AMSDOS, or without AMSDOS loaded at all)
* Cooperation with AMSDOS by using |DISC to switch to it and |SD / |USB to switch back
* Direct read and write access to SD and USB storage (no disc images needed)

Short documentation :[/size]|USB : enable Albireo DOS (A: is micro SDCard and B: is USB).
* |DISC : enable standard AMSDOS if available (A: is internal floppy, B: is external floppy) .
* |DISC.IN : like |DISC but only for read access.
* |DISC.OUT : like |DISC but only for write access.
* |TAPE : to access tape drive using firmware (RSX |A, |B, |DRIVE, |USER, |DIR and |ERA not usable in tape mode).
* |TAPE.IN : like |TAPE but only for read access.
* |TAPE.OUT : like |TAPE but only for write access.
* |A :  same as in Amsdos.
* |B : same as in Amsdos.
* |DRIVE,x : where x is "A" or "B", select the default drive. If Albireo DOS us active (|USB), |DRIVE without parameters resets the Albireo (after using it with a mouse or other peripherals for example).
* |USER,x : If Albireo DOS active, x is a path (string) to set the current directory.
* |DIR,x : same as in Amsdos.
* |ERA,x : same as in Amsdos.
* |REN,x,y : not available yet.
* Commands LOAD, SAVE, OPENIN, OPENOUT, CLOSEIN, CLOSEOUT and CAT work the same as AMSDOS except for the following :LOAD/OPENIN allows changing directories. LOAD"rep" enters in "rep" if it's a directory. LOAD":" goes to the root of the current drive. LOAD"/" goes up one level.
* SAVE/OPENOUT allows creating directories. SAVE"/rep" creates a directory "rep" in the current directory.
* CAT shows sizes in KB or MB depending on file size and available free space.Because of a limiation of firmware CAT API, files larger than 64MB are marked "Large". To get the actual size, use |DIR which allows sizes up to PB. The internal buffer for CAT (when used from assembler code) has two virtual entries in each directory: "/" and ":". this allows navigating between directories in apps like OCP Art Studio or Oxfort PAO.  Also in the CAT buffer, directories are visible as readonly empty files. The vector returns DE=&FFFF if there are more than 64MB free on disk.
* The AMSDOS private vectors are also available :BIOS_SET_MESSAGE
* Currently you need firmware v3 or v4 and AMSDOS ROM 0.5 (the CPC+ cartrodge version 0.7 is not compatible yet).

I got a 404 for the file ??


Yup, 404

404 isn't the number of downloaded files?  ;D


--- Quote from: Audronic on 02:27, 16 July 20 ---I got a 404 for the file ??


--- End quote ---
project is private i guess so you do not see the files


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