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Amstrad CPC 6128 (US version) and Zaxon's 4MB expansion card

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Hi guys,

My CPC6128 (US version) does not work with Zaxon's 4MB expansion board...

I have first fitted the expansion internally (by soldering a 50 pin flat cable to the back of the motherboard where the Centronics connector is attached and son on...) but my CPC did not boot. Once the card detached, the CPC boots fine.

I first thought there was a problem with my soldering (though I am very confident with it), so I have decided to attach the expansion board with a Centronics - Edge connector adapter, but still no luck.

Does somebody of you guys has a US version CPC 6128 (or maybe a German one with Centronics connectors) and encounters the same problem ?

Otherwise, the CPC just works fine without any glitches.


I did need an "update" of one chip on the card. But now it works perfectly. Can check with another CPC? To see if the problem is specific to the single CPC or the card itself?

Even before my chip update the CPC did always boot.

Maybe a shortcut hidden well?
Maybe a too week PSU?

Good luck!

Unfortunately, no other CPCs around to test (I guess I'm the only guy having a CPC in Japan...  :( ).

My PSU is 5V/2A, so it should be OK (?).

I think there's no short with the Centronics - Edge connector adapter.

Yeah, it's weird that the machine doesn't boot with the card on but boots normally with the card off.

What was the update on your card ?


The update was inside the chip performing the banking. I had an early version of the card, so there were banking problems, but they were eliminated. So the card just needed an update and now works fine.

With PSUs it's a problem. I bough one with 5V and 4A, but in reality it goes down to 4,5 V when having a CPC and an expansion card at it (less than 2 A).

For sure it would be great if you can measure the Volts being there in reality. There are these Y cables, they are great to measure Volt.

Thanks for your feedback !

The card was bought 2 months ago directly from Sell My Retro (Zaxon's shop), so it should be a newer one.

I will check the voltage with my trusty multi-meter to see if there's a voltage drop when the card is on.


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