Amstrad CPC Key replacements and tape eject lever

Started by aplonogax, 13:58, 04 November 21

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Hi all!

I'm here because I bought for a few euros an amstrad cpc 464. I don't know how many kind of this mahcine are out there but I can tell the main board is pretty long, and the keyboar is connected via a cable connector and not a flat one.

The machine works pretty well, it start up, I can run simple basic programs (the only I can code right now  ;) ) and I also can load from the tape deck.
The problems with this cpc are all "mechanical", because there are some key missing (the arrow down, the "/?" and the REC), and also the eject mechanism of the cassette deck is broken (the spring thant pull up the cassette door is missing, the eject lever is broken and also the cassette door is broken where it lock with the eject lever)

So I was wandering if someone has replacement parts, or if can be made out (maybe 3d printed?), also someone could provide me information about where the spring that pull the cassette door up is located? I tried to search in the internet but with no luck..

Thanks to all!


Welcome! Hope you find your parts, but while you search, enjoy your stay :)

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