Author Topic: Amstrad Plus RGB to VGA on LCD TV  (Read 2671 times)

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Amstrad Plus RGB to VGA on LCD TV
« on: 07:47, 16 December 10 »
I moved from the UK to the USA, and I want to get my Amstrad 464 Plus working over here. I cannot use the Amstrad monitor because of the power being 110 volts.

I really don't think I'd get the Amstrad working on an American CRT TV because they are NTSC, and I would think that the Amstrad is probably PAL.

I do have an LCD TV that supports PAL. I got my UK SNES working on the TV via a composite connector.

So, knowing that the TV supports a 50Hz signal, I was wondering if it is possible to make a connection from the Amstrad to the VGA input on the TV, using RGB?


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Re: Amstrad Plus RGB to VGA on LCD TV
« Reply #1 on: 10:22, 16 December 10 »
Hi Nomore,
         firstly, the Amstrad can work with 50 or 60Hz and the MP1 or MP2 (if you happen to own one) can also be switched to NTSC if you need to. Assuming you don't have an MP2 and your TV doesn't have SCART? As this would be the easiest way to connect the CPC to the CRT: You could connect to the TVs composite input using one of these: or similar. Or if your TV doesn't support Composite you could then connect the composite signal to one of these: which you can then connect to the TVs VGA input or even a normal PC TFT display.