Amstrad relative 3D printing thread

Started by genesis8, 21:25, 08 July 21

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The Anet A8 is infamous for spontaneously catching fire.

The problem is getting a cheap printer working well needs either luck or a lot of experience. Unfortunately I'm in the latter category  :laugh:

Creality's printers have been surprisingly good in that respect, but only in comparison to previous printers, not to (say) a toaster. Basically, I know I can get one running and keep it running, which is a lot more than I can say for my older machines. Original Prusa's are probably the peak of "it just works", but you end up paying a significant premium for it.


Hi all,

nice post! The thingverse collection is pretty nice

I was wondering if someone has ever try to 3d print the eject lever for the cassette door. I'm now trying to desing it (in FreeCAD) in order to verify if is reasonable to print with 3d printer wiht a friend of mine who ownes one.

Since you have already started discussing 3d printers in this thred I take this opportunity to ask you if in your experience it is a sensible job or if given the size of the piece it is likely that it does not have the right resistance.

In the attachment the draft version of the lever.

Thanks and forget my bad english

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