Atari-ST mouse adapter

Started by MacDeath, 23:38, 20 December 09

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There's this thing on the Wiki...
QuoteAtari-ST mouse adapter

#REDIRECT Günter Radestock
Well, what's up with this ?

I have an Atari ST mouse, and I'd like to know more about this.

Is it a hardware or a software solution ?
Does it need to be powered ?

Does God Exist ?
Why so serious ?

Well, more seriously, please, got some informations ?

If you give me more informations, I may post Rick Dangerous 128+ on the 24th...
Or else, i'll put it in the Vaporware section... ;D


It is a hardware solution, but the article in the CPC Wiki, which also contains the schematics on how to connect the mouse to the CPC, seems to be broken. Something with the encoding of the german 'ü' in the name "Günter" went wrong. Please do a search for "Radestock" in the Wiki and you will see it by yourself.


Well, I've seen it is broken.

Not the first time I notice the Wiki may break when some posters use some special characters such as Umlaut "¨" ü, ö, and so on...
Also with french accents é à ù...and so on.

It's the problem with international project.

Windows sucks deeply with this as there's no european standard for this and Firefox or internet explorer may also shit this...

Just because english language use no such thing, while most other european tongues do have it's own range of marks, accents and umlaut stuff.

And to be honest,  few poeple really have the skill or tool to include "exotic" characters that easily.

So can someone repair the content from this page ?

I mean, I'd like to know more on this.
Is it AMX compatible ?

Also more stuff on mouse in general for Amstrad...

How many standards do exist ?

Would it be possible to put a mouse on amstrad Plus with the use of the Analogic port ?
Adaptator from pseudo atari port (serial) to analog port (rs232) do exist on PC...

(well, existed...)


Hm, I saw the page... I mean, I saw the title, but it seems like it needs a system with german language installed to work correctly because of the umlauts - I think! I hope one of our german friends will redirect the original page to one without umlauts in its title!


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Well, of course there isn't: It has to be created before the redirect... so basically we need to access the original page (with umlauts) and copy the contents to another page, then do the redirect...


I also checked the page with umlaut in the URL.
It is not existent!
When you put your ear on a hot stove, you can smell how stupid you are ...

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Hm, so it's not only me? But, if you search for "radestock" it gives a result!

Probably some problem with the db... Check this out:

It says that this is linked to from the page we're discussing, yet...



Well, I still can't access the Atari-ST mouse adapter page. ...

However, two things to mention. First, the Atari ST mouse adapter provides a proportional device to move a mouse arrow for example. In connection with G-Paint you can create graphic in a way superior to probably all other solutions. Second, the Atari ST mouse adapter does not work with the CPC Plus. I remember that I tried hard to adapt it to the CPC Plus, because I wanted to use the Atari ST mouse adapter also in the Plus version of FutureOS. No way, the Plus has additional "Dioden" on the joystick port, they inhibit a proper function of the Atari ST mouse adapter .
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Yeah, the page is gone for good, I'm afraid - there seems to be no way to access it :(


Not all gone, at least the image was still were.
Made a new page, and added descriptions on the pin-numbers.


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