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building the aleste 520ex (cpc/msx russian clone)

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Sebastian Blanco:
Got a "complete kit" with exception of the keyboard from Tetroid (he sells some stuff on sellmyretro) it includes the pcb,IC's, and passives also din connectors nicely wrapped in vintage grease paper  :D . From Novosibirsk.

In the past i got a pentagon kit from him and got it running on the first shot (my best speccy in my opinion), and the one i use the most so this encouraged my to try this kit also.

I don't think this is going to be an easy build there's very little information about this computer and the language barrier is big everything is in Russian an the only translators make a mess from the documentation.

Managed to scrounge every little piece of info i can get from the web including the shematics and the bom for the kit in this file is everything i got if someone find something useful:
Going to document here the build process in case i got it right it may help people later :) .

Someone have done this CPC clone ?.

pictures from the kit:

Awesome! Let us please know as soon as it is running. Never saw one in real life.  :)

A friend is currently close to finish one... I will ask.

Oh wow! I didn't even know this existed. Where can I order a kit like this? I'd love to give it a try.

Sebastian Blanco:

--- Quote from: TotO on 07:04, 01 November 19 ---A friend is currently close to finish one... I will ask.

--- End quote ---
Could be great to know, if the board need any corrections and pictures ! etc :)


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