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Cable for NLQ 401 printer needed


unfortunately I am having more issues with my CPC and the components I got with it than I was expecting (and hoping).
I am searching for a connection cable for the Schneider NLQ 401 printer.

I want to connect the printer to my CPC 464 and / or CPC 6128. I thought I would find such a cable online but I had no luck until now.
Does anyone know which cable exactly I need and where I can buy it?

Many thanks,

I think I may still have a CPC printer cable. I'll take a look tomorrow and get back to you.


Hi AlexM,
      I found the cable, but then discovered that I used it through a switch (so two computers could ust the same printer) which means it has the wrong connector on one end for what you need.


Hi Bryce,
thanks for your efforts, maybe someone else has a tip where to buy such a cable...or has even one to sell... :)

Best regards,


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