Author Topic: Comming soon RAM/ROM Board.  (Read 190 times)

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Comming soon RAM/ROM Board.
« on: 13:40, 22 January 21 »
Fellow CPCers
Next up on the development aprt for EVA and ACAI is a RAM/ROM board.
What this board provides is:
  • ROM 0 (upper and Lower) replacement of the internal
  • ROM 1 and 2 sockets for hard coded user developed ROMs. These were developed to allow for my HDOS32 File system and device driver manager to reside.
  • ROM 7 for those whom wishsit this ROM outside of there 6128/664.
  • 1 MB RAM to hold ROM images (64 x 16K ROM Images)
The RAM is not yet battery backed but will be looked at to make the board more persistent to powering off allowing for ROM images to be retained.
The ROM also have RAM images behind them so they can be used store additional stuff.
This board is still in the initial development stages.