Author Topic: Couple of CPC464 Hardware Restoration Questions  (Read 470 times)

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Couple of CPC464 Hardware Restoration Questions
« on: 00:56, 20 December 17 »

Hey all, I picked up a CPC464 for £20, purchased in unknown condition.  It arrived and was very dirty.  I've given it a good clean out, the power switch was defective and now fixed.  The mainboard had some muck on it so clean all that off and cleaned the plastics in the bath.  I took apart the keyboard and cleaned at in the sink.   Well the good news is that its working but there are a couple of issues remaining.

1) Tape counter, the reset button was separate from the counter when I took it apart, I'm assuming broken off.  The counter still works fine but without a reset button well guess what, I can't reset it.  Is this repairable or does the whole counter need replacing?
2) The tape player is working but the sound is slightly erratic and seemed to be struggling on a couple of cassettes.  I haven't replaced the belts.  Are there any tips on cleaning and lubbing the drive to try and ensure it is working as well as it can be?

Cheers Trevor