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CPC 464 prototype with Gate Array simulator board found

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Anyone who's on FB should take a look at the following link (closed group, so you may need to join):
Amstrad CPC 464 group - prototype CPC

I've suggested the guy loans the machine to someone with expertise in reverse engineering the Gate Array simulator board, as far as I know it hasn't been done yet?

He intends auctioning it, so the more people who can suggest alternatives to stop it falling immediately out of public view the better!

Oh damn. I'm salivating. So what, start a wiki fund or something? Sure, why not. And then... what?

Exactly that was what I have suggested in the FB thread that we could fund it together.
Than somebody wise can analyse the board and make the ULA simulator on FPGA like similar custom chip replacements were made for other 8-bits, e.g. commodore.
The unit could be donated to some retro computer museum.

@gerald is called here.


--- Quote from: rastislavz on 15:02, 27 October 21 ---The unit could be donated to some retro computer museum.
--- End quote ---
...and that's where the problem begins, probably...

I'm all for it, though. There are places where we can raise a common fund, once we agree on the administrator of the fund.


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