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Can I have it when its done?

Ehhh, no :)

My main reason for building it is because I want to be able to write software for  hardware expansions when I'm away from home. I could write it on an emulator of course, but I can only test it with the expansion connected, which isn't possible with an emulator.


Yay, at least a 50%success rate. The piggyback on the disc circuitry is the sts copymod, as used by xexor to slam the brakes on the drive motor to make the 8k sector discs copyable and it works a treat.

I have one in my main 6128plus as well.

Worth an ask  :D

If its a success, how much would it set someone back for you to build another for them? I doubt I'll ever have the money spare (CPC is pretty low down the list tbh, especially with decent emulation available) but its worth finding out in case someone I know wins the lottery and is generous towards me with their winnings.

Compliments Bryce! This looks very doable. My biggest concern is actually to get the RGB from the 6128 Plus to the LCD screen. But glad to see that the PCB works.  :)


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