can't load cassette games with tapdancer or playzx on 6128 + mod Plus_Tape_Socke

Started by drewdty, 22:14, 05 May 22

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Hi, I'm new to Amstrad. I have a problem that the cdt games don't load using tapdancer or playzx. I don't have a tape deck. I think I've done it like in the diagram. and 3 as in the following image 

Is it possible because I use the female stereo jack connectors? I have made a bridge in the two channels. when you turn on the computer you hear a click, is it normal? Yes, for better information I can send photos of the connections.
what am i doing wrong?
 thanks and sorry for using translator


It probably makes sense if you take pictures of what you did.

If I am not mistaken, then one channel is for recording, the other for playing data. I don't think it makes sense to bridge them. 


Thanks eto for answering, maybe I explained myself wrong
what i uni were the left and right channels of each jack, not the audio input and output channels
Here are some photos of how I did it.

I made a connection with dupont connectors to be able to separate the upper casing more easily
in the image on the left the remote ground is hidden under the green wire


Does anyone see any problem with my 6128+ audio mod
please help :picard:


I have been doing tests and now I use the PC and not the Android to load games, and I have realized that the audio volume used by Android is insufficient, using the PC with CDT2WAV does load several programs but with Android it does not.
Is it possible that I have to make a preamplifier ? or is there another solution?
thank you

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